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    Tansun 6.5kW Heater Controller

    Tansun 6.5kW Receiver.

    • Receiver with Dimming Feature
    • Reduce Heat Output in 3 stages
    • Dimming 50-75-100%
    • Remote Control is required 

    £338.47 inc VAT

    £282.06 ex. VAT

    Item Code: 900302

    Heater Dimmer With Soft Start Technology 

    The Tansun Heater Controller 6.5kW receiver offers total control-ability when installing heaters indoors or outside. Moreover, the IP rated receiver allows heaters to be dimmed from 100% -75%-50%-OFF.  Also, built-in soft start features are fitted as standard to protect the heater element & pro-longing lamp life. For use when multiple heaters are to be controlled the remote handset allows 6 zones to be controlled simultaneously.


    • Suitable for infrared and resistive heaters
    • Dimming 50-75-100%
    • Protection Rating: IP54

    The mesmorised transmitter displays the programmed values:

    • Push-button Ch1: 100%
    • Push-button Ch2: 75%
    • Push-button Ch3: 50%
    • Push-button Ch4: OFF

    1- Press the push button P1 two times and hold it down, the buzzer will make one beep and then sound continuously 

    2- During the beep sound press a push button of the transmitter which has to be mesmorised; the memorization is indicated by the intermittent sound of the buzzer.
    All the push-buttons of the transmitter are automatically memorized with a preset configuration as in the above diagram.

    Load at 230Vac – 50/60Hz one 6800W heater, two 3000W heaters, one 3400W heater, two 1700W heaters
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 195mm x 200mm x 75mm
    Weight 3.0kg
    Warranty 1 year