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    Indoor Heaters

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    The Tansun Bahama Double 3.0kW offers optimum heating results across many commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

    • Heats up to 22m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Glare Reducing Gold Reflectors

    £530.98 inc VAT
    £442.48 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Bahama Single 1.5kW is an ultra low glare infrared heater ideal for various commercial or domestic applications, and is the perfect parasol and awning heater.

    • Heats up to 12m2
    • Glare Reducing Gold Reflectors
    • Safety Guard

    £295.91 inc VAT
    £246.59 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Monaco Double 3.0kW is a powerful ultra low glare infrared heater. Ideal for heating large indoor and outdoor areas.

    • Heats up to 26m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Gold Reflectors

    £409.00 inc VAT
    £340.83 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Monaco Single 1.5kw is an ultra-low glare infrared heater suitable for outdoor bar and restaurant heating and terraces.

    • Heats up to 11m2
    • Glare Reducing Gold Reflectors
    • High IP Rating

    £289.97 inc VAT
    £241.64 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Monaco Triple 4.5kw is the perfect solution for larger commercial, industrial or even domestic applications. Can be used both indoors and outdoors

    • Heats up to 36m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Gold Reflectors

    £684.19 inc VAT
    £570.16 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Rio IP 1.5kW is a weatherproof infrared heater that enhances both indoor and outdoor heating environments.

    • Heats up to 11m2
    • Parabolic Reflector
    • Safety Guard

    £218.46 inc VAT
    £182.05 ex. VAT

    The Sorrento Ceramic Single 1.3kW is a zero light infrared heater perfect for heating indoor areas or where gentle heat is preferred.

    • No Light, no Glare
    • Advanced Ceramic Technology
    • Bespoke Heating System
    • Black with silver trim

    £214.50 inc VAT
    £178.75 ex. VAT

    Indoor Infrared Heaters

    Indoor Infrared Heaters for domestic & commercial use

    Our wide range of infrared heaters offer warm and comfort wherever you put them in the house. Save money and energy with these powerful and energy efficient infrared heaters that requires no preheating time and target directly people and objects. We supply indoor infrared heaters for larger commercial and industrial applications.

    Tansun heaters are designed and manufactured for outdoor use. They can be used indoors but should be used in conjunction with suitable energy saving controllers. For further info contact us.