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    Zero Light Heaters

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    No Light Heaters

    No glare Infrared heaters for areas where light is not required

    Looking for infrared heaters that emit no glare? Discover our range of ceramic zero light infrared heaters, suitable for various domestic and commercial settings. All infrared ceramic heaters boast no glare technology, compact size and discreet design to suit any applications. They are the ideal solution for heating large indoor and semi enclosed spaces, offering a more gentle medium wave heat without the obtrusive light.
    Zero light Infrared heaters are powerful and highly efficient and ideal for applications where the light can be intrusive such as theatres, cinemas, photography studios, equestrian heating, offices, conservatories, hospitals and catering environments etc.

    Tansun heaters are designed and manufactured for outdoor use. They can be used indoors but should be used in conjunction with suitable energy saving controllers. For further info contact us.