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    Electric Patio Heaters

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    Aureum Heating Logo The 2kW Aureum Comet infrared heater is a compact and weatherproof low glare heater producing instant and comfortable heat, the perfect indoor heater and outdoor heater.

    • Heat up to 12m²
    • Rated IP24 protection
    • Highly Energy Efficient
    • Safety Guard

    £258.00 inc VAT
    £215.00 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Bahama Double 3.0kW offers optimum heating results across many commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

    • Heats up to 22m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Glare Reducing Gold Reflectors

    £482.70 inc VAT
    £402.25 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Bahama Single 1.5kW is an ultra low glare infrared heater ideal for various commercial or domestic applications, and is the perfect parasol and awning heater.

    • Heats up to 12m2
    • Glare Reducing Gold Reflectors
    • Safety Guard

    £269.00 inc VAT
    £224.17 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Monaco Double 3.0kW is a powerful ultra low glare infrared heater. Ideal for heating large indoor and outdoor areas.

    • Heats up to 26m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Gold Reflectors

    £431.80 inc VAT
    £359.83 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Monaco Single 1.5kw is an ultra-low glare infrared heater suitable for outdoor bar and restaurant heating and terraces.

    • Heats up to 11m2
    • Glare Reducing Gold Reflectors
    • High IP Rating

    £263.60 inc VAT
    £219.67 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Rio Grande Double 3.0kW offers optimum heating results to large indoor and outdoor areas. Ideal heating solution for any commercial or home establishment.

    • Heats up to 22m2
    • High IP Rating
    • High Efficiency

    £426.20 inc VAT
    £355.17 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Rio Grande Single is a discreet heating option, available in 1.5kW and 2.0kW power configurations. The Ideal solution for commercial heating or domestic heating.

    • Heats up to 12m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Safety Guard

    £219.00 inc VAT
    £182.50 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Rio IP 1.5kW is a weatherproof infrared heater that enhances both indoor and outdoor heating environments.

    • Heats up to 11m2
    • Parabolic Reflector
    • Safety Guard

    £198.60 inc VAT
    £165.50 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Sorrento Double is a high powered infrared heater, available in 3.0kW and 4.0kW power options. Ideal for heating various indoor and outdoor applications.

    • Heats up to 26m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Polished Parabolic Reflector

    £358.99 inc VAT
    £299.16 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Sorrento Single Infrared Heater is British made and available in 1.5kW and 2.0kW power options. Perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

    • Provides Infrared Heating
    • Heats up to 11m2
    • High IP Rating
    • Beam Reflector for Maximum Heat Output

    £202.82 inc VAT
    £169.02 ex. VAT

    The Tansun Sorrento Triple heater is the perfect solution for larger spaces, especially when mounted at high levels. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    • Heats up to 36m2
    • High IP Rating
    • High Energy Efficient

    £520.40 inc VAT
    £433.67 ex. VAT

    Electric Patio Heaters

    Make best use of outdoor spaces with quartz shortwave infrared heaters to keep the atmosphere cosy and your guests warm with a top-quality electric patio heater.

    Ultra-low glare electric patio heaters provide the ideal solution to heat patio and terrace environments whether at home or your workplace. Energy-efficient ceramic and radiant heaters are available in a range of stylish designs that can be fitted easily into existing spaces, even parasols and awnings.

    Commercial infrared patio heaters

    Infrared heating has become an important part in creating the perfect outdoor living experience. The addition of retractable awning systems, and infrared heaters allow guests to sit out all year round enabling bars and restaurants to effectively increase seasonal appeal by providing even more comfortable and luxurious ways to promote alfresco dining.

    Outdoor heaters within the hospitality sector help to make terraces and patios functional over the cooler months generating increased revenue from customers and expanding your commercial operation – whether food, drink or entertainment.


    Smart controls to heat what you need

    The latest low light patio heater options can now be used in areas where specialist ambient lighting effects are installed. The adaptation of zonal heating options controlled by smart devices (IOS /ANDROID) offers control for flexibility and individual requirements. Heat specific areas and dial the heat up or down when needed.


    Ensure a comfortable social distancing environment

    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many businesses. One way that hospitality and leisure businesses are finding their way back to serving customers is by providing a comfortable outdoor space – and this where electric patio heaters can help.

    The social distancing implications and safety measures now required have caused customer-facing businesses to rethink their offering and look at expanding outdoors where possible to continue welcoming numerous guests at any one time. Developing patios and terraces and investing in open-air facilities enables guests to feel comfortable and safe for all-weather enjoyment.

    Affordable and flexible radiant heaters are quick to install and provide instant heat to warm the human body, not the air around them.


    Electric patio heaters suitable for commercial use

    Choose from Rio, Sorrento, Bahama or Monaco ranges.

    • Next day delivery available on most items
    • Top-quality global brands
    • Design service available
    • Expert guidance and gold star service


    Infared patio heaters for outdoor commercial use

    Aureum Products supplies Tansun electric patio heaters to a range of market sectors including hospitality, leisure and tourism for restaurants, cafes, bars, brassieres, coffee shops, hotels, B&Bs, fitness centres and visitor attractions. Heaters are also supplied to commercial organisations that provide outdoor spaces for employees and customers such as waiting areas, designated smoking spaces and collection points.

    For more information about electric patio heaters, please contact us today.


    Electric patio heaters for the home

    Welcome friends and family to your home for all-weather dining and socialising by transforming your outdoor space. Make the most of patios, terraces and gardens, and keep guests warm and cosy, by installing compact energy-saving infrared heaters. Specialist bracketry allows heaters to be hung from existing parasol, canopy or awning and walls products for discretion and flexibility. Options are available for all budgets and needs.


    Order electric patio heaters today for next day or short-term delivery.