Aureum Products FAQs

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked pre-sales and installation questions about Aureum Products – a leading infrared heating supplier in the UK. For any after-sales support queries, please visit our Help Centre, where you can quickly get in touch with the relevant team who are available to help.

Our team prides ourselves on being the UK’s foremost infrared experts with decades of experience. If you cannot find the information you are seeking in our FAQs, please feel free to get in touch during our working hours (9am-5pm) or leave a message outside of our working hours. One of our experienced experts will respond to your query as soon as possible.

1. How much does it cost to run an infrared heater?

It is difficult to calculate accurately the running costs of an infrared heater, since this depends on a number of factors. These can be the power and efficiency of the heater, the duration that the heater is on or the electricity tariff you have. An easy way to estimate the cost is by multiplying the power of the heater with the electricity tariff. For example, if you pay 8p per kW per hour and you use an infrared heater of 2.0kW, your estimated running costs will be 16p per hour.

2. Many heaters have the letters IP and a number next to them on the description. What does IP stand for?

The acronym IP stands for Ingress Protection and the number denotes the degree of protection against the ingress of solids (i.e. dust) and liquids (i.e. water). This means that heaters with numbers 5 or 6 on the IP rating are fully weatherproof and can be used in all seasons.

3. Are the infrared heaters weatherproof?

Most of our heaters are specifically designed for outdoor use and can be installed and run on dusty or wet environments. To find heaters that are suitable for all seasons and weather conditions, you should look at their IP rating. The IP Rating denotes the degree of protection against dust and water. Heaters with IP ending in 4-6 are fully weather resistant and can be used in all outdoor applications and seasons.

4. Where are your products manufactured or supplied from?

We exclusively supply Tansun heaters. Tansun quartz infrared heaters are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and the best components. Durability and reliability are guaranteed since the manufacturing process takes place in house. Tansun infrared heaters provide optimum heat performance all year round and cover various applications.

5. Do you sell reconditioned heaters?

All products that we provide on the website are brand new. We don’t sell reconditioned or second-hand products.

6. What about installation? Can I install my heater myself?

While installation of the heater is something you can do yourself, we strongly recommend getting them installed by a professional. All of the heaters come with a manual which includes the heaters’ technical specs alongside with basic guidelines for installation.

7. Can I wire more than one heaters together?

The Tansun Sorrento Range boasts modular design that allows heaters of different sizes to be grouped together to create a bespoke infrared heating system. Perfect heating solution for your patio.

8. How can I control the heater/s?

We supply a wide collection of heating controls to increase your infrared heaters’ versatility and heating potentials. View our range of controllers here.

9. Do you supply replacement lamps?

Find spare replacement lamps here. For further details contact our friendly and experienced sales team.

10. Do you offer Next Day Delivery?

Yes, we offer Next Day Delivery on many items if you placed you order before 1pm on the previous day. Heavy items and specialist heating products fall out of the next day delivery scheme. For further info about delivery click on our Delivery & Returns Policy.

11. How can I return an item?

We want our customers to be happy with every purchase so we give you the option to return any item if it proved to be faulty or you just changed your mind. For further details on our return policy, please visit our relevant page Delivery & Returns Policy.