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    Is Your Warehouse Ready For The Winter Season?

    infrared heating

    With cold winter days on the horizon, companies begin considering heating options for their warehouses. For most companies to heat these large spaces, they tend to go down the route of using expensive systems that generate very high bills, as well as a huge amount of waste in heat, causing a dispirited atmosphere amongst employees in the workplace due to low temperatures.

    Coverage of Large Areas

    When it comes to looking for a flexible heating solution in your warehouse, the use of industrial infrared heaters is amongst one of the most efficient solutions to consider when looking to heat the spaces, such as warehouses, churches, community halls, or large venues etc. Dependant on the work being undertaken, zone heating with industrial infrared heaters is a more efficient and comfortable option.

    Rather than using electrical heating to try and heat the warehouse from corner to corner, top to bottom, infrared heaters use radiation to heat the room, meaning they deliver heat directly to specific furnishing or workers in the warehouse, as opposed to trying to heat the entire space.

    The Efficiency of Infrared

    Most heating systems rely on convection to distribute heat. They warm up and circulate that hot air around the whole warehouse, which is why we can feel some heat coming off them.

    Infrared heaters rely primarily on radiation, which makes them quite an efficient heating system as long as they are not used in the same way as a normal radiator. Anyone sitting in front of an infrared heating panel will feel warm even though temperatures elsewhere in the workplace may be cold, resulting in less electricity being used due to not having to heat the entire volume of the warehouse in order for workers to be in comfortable working conditions.

    With that being said, infrared heating would pose more effective in older warehouses that are prone to draughts or have poor insulation. This causes your costly conventional heating systems to work inefficiently due to heat produced by the boiler being lost through the fabric of the building. On the other hand, this is not necessarily a problem with infrared heating, as the heat is distributed directly to the workers in the warehouse.

    Tansun Apollo A1J2


    Tansun Apollo Infrared Heaters

    Warehouses and factories are traditionally known to be some of the hardest areas to heat. The Tansun Apollo infrared heater range is an excellent choice for this type of commercial setting as it is specifically engineered for ‘hard to heat’ buildings.

    A common problem to make warehouses and factories is the constant opening and closing of the warehouse shutters, causing a draught throughout the workplace. The Tansun Apollo heaters use shortwave infrared heat that is not affected by the wind, solving a big problem of shutter doors regularly opening and closing.

    These heaters are fully controllable and can be used to set up temperature zoning within the warehouse, as only the area in the line of sight of the heater receives energy. With the heater having a lightweight design, they can be positioned to fit the layout of the warehouse.

    The Apollo infrared heater range consists of 10 models which offer unrivalled reliability, and simple installation, ranging from 1kw to 18kw, covering anywhere up to 143sqm, making it an extremely effective, and energy-efficient heating solution.

    A Happier Work Environment

    This technology that comes along with these infrared panels helps deliver low running costs, simple installations on the sides or ceilings of the buildings, and more importantly, a happier and more efficient place to work. 

    Infrared heating can be majorly cost-effective when it comes to making the ultimate decision of choosing between infrared heating over other types of heating. If you really want to make a positive impact on your workplace, choosing we recommend the Tansun Apollo AJ12  industrial infrared heater. With a lightweight and efficient design,  it is available in 3.0kW and can heat up to 35.3m², suitable for medium and large spaces, making this the ideal heater for your warehouse. This infrared heater will not only make a major difference to your bills, but also the boost of morale around the workplace for your warehouse workers. 

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