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    What are the benefits of an infrared heater in your bar or restaurant?

    Infrared Heaters installed at a cafe

    Café culture sums up what makes eating and drinking al fresco so magical – the laid-back sophistication of enjoying great food and wine while watching the world go by.

    Now with red tape being cut drastically to revitalise the hospitality industry, the pathway to embracing café culture is well and truly open.

    Under the new Business and Planning Bill restaurants and bars will be able to open up new outdoor drinking and dining areas within the space of a few weeks from lodging an application, if they win approval.

    This is essential to the recovery of the hospitality industry after a prolonged closure – and is important to help reassure returning customers who may be concerned about social distancing measures.

    Introducing an outdoor dining area, or external bar, to your existing business will allow people who want to remain outdoors to enjoy going out but it will also maximise the capacity of the venue.

    With separate groups of customers needing to remain 2 metres (or 1-metre plus) apart this may mean a reduced serving capacity for some restaurants and bars. Taking the experience outside could help to remedy this.


    What are the benefits of an infrared heater in restaurants or pubs?

    While solving the problem of adding extra seating, moving outside in Britain brings the challenge of the weather.

    That is, the British weather that can see a summer heatwave replaced by lashing rain in just hours – and don’t forget the wind and unseasonably cool summer days.

    Infrared heating is the solution to many of these weather woes. While you may want to invest in an awning or gazebo to keep customers dry, infrared heating will keep them warm.

    And it is here that the benefits of an infrared heater in restaurants or pubs cannot be underestimated.


    The benefits of an infrared heater in your restaurant or bar

    By emitting a heat that is absorbed by objects and people instead of heating the surrounding air infrared heaters offer a highly efficient way of keeping customers warm.

    With the help of a heating specialist seller like Aureum you can open up a year-round outdoor space at your restaurant or bar that will maximise your investment, rather than just relying on warmer weather.

    Made to a high-spec, Tansun infrared outdoor heaters offer a host of benefits when used in outdoor heating solutions at pubs and restaurants to help create the ideal atmosphere by complementing aesthetics and atmospheric conditions.

    Key benefits include:

    • Low glare
    • Uninterrupted warmth as wind will not disrupt delivery
    • Lightweight design can be applied to a variety of fixtures
    • Weatherproof with a high IP rating
    • Allow year-round use of outdoor areas
    • Bespoke design ensures even distribution of heat across a large area
    • Energy efficient as heat is not lost in the air
    • Lower and higher wattage heaters can be adapted to different sized space.


    How to ensure an infrared heater works in the space available

    While traditional convection patio heaters often require people to stay nearby as warm air can escape, infrared heaters transfer heat to people.

    This depends on customers remaining in the line of sight of the heater, which can be achieved by strategically placing heaters in the area to be used.

    As different heaters can be installed on walls and ceilings, or suspended, they can transfer heat across a large area.

    The powerful Tansun Sorrento heater, for example, can project heat to an area measuring up to 36m2, yet it still looks stylish and discreet.

    If you are unsure of how best to heat an outdoor area at a bar, restaurant or pub Aureum offers a free bespoke design service that will allow you to make the most economical and effective use of heat for the space that you have. Key considerations will be the height and width of the area.


    Keep guests comfortable whilst dining al fresco

    The design will allow you to understand the outdoor heaters needed for a pub or restaurant, from which point you can select the model that will serve that purpose.

    The ultimate aim of an outdoor heating solution is that customers can enjoy eating and drinking outside all year round – without letting the weather push them indoors. By heating the person, infrared outdoor heaters create a regular temperature that is easy to maintain, and in cases where windchill is a factor can be increased to offset the effect.


    Creating the perfect atmosphere in your restaurant

    Subtle use of gold reflectors in some models mean that the presence of heaters blend with the décor perfectly and do not become a distraction, or alter the atmosphere.

    In fact, thanks to the controlled level of heat, the installation of infrared heaters will enhance the atmosphere by keeping customers comfortable and making them feel at ease – and perfectly placed to soak up some café culture.


    Order restaurant infrared heaters today

    Aureum supplies a wide range of the highest quality heating products from Tansun and specialises in outdoor heaters. If you are looking to bring the benefits of an infrared heater to a restaurant or pub, our team can supply you with a specific product or help you to work out what heaters you need through our design service.

    Reap the benefits of making the most of the outdoor space at your pub or restaurant by installing infrared heaters to keep customers comfortable whatever the weather.

    For more information on a specific outdoor infrared heater, or to get the ball rolling with the help of Aureum’s design service, please get in touch.